Scale-up your restaurant business withTwerlo Fooder &WhatsApp Business API
Scale-up Your Restaurant Business With Twerlo Fooder & WhatsApp Business API

If there is any business that took a massive hit in revenue amid this pandemic, it had to be the restaurant business. Even before the pandemic, things were not in their favor either. The online food delivery apps took over

Communicating With Your Customer Via WhatsApp Is No Longer An Option But A Necessity!

The rolling out of WhatsApp Business API has caused a major upsurge in the world of communication. Bringing in an easy, and convenient method to communicate, without any geographical borders thereby enabling brands to conduct business with ease. The most

How Whatsapp Notifications Can Help Out Businesses 1
How WhatsApp Notifications Can Help Out Businesses

With over a whopping 1.5 billion users across the world and countless messages shared every single day, WhatsApp has surely earned the reputation for being the most preferred messaging app for both personal and professional use. Thus, businesses can use

How WhatsApp API Can Be A Game-Changer For E-Commerce

Chatbots have surely taken the e-commerce industry by storm and made a significant change for good. Be it 24-hour service or fast answers; chatbots do a good job. They can answer queries of customers without getting tired or even at

Why Choose WhatsApp Business API Instead Of The Official Company App

Why Choose WhatsApp Business API instead of the official company app We live in a digital world where customers prefer to have products or avail services with the click of a button. Moreover, this pandemic has made us realise the

How To Apply For Green Tick Verification

Ever since WhatsApp rolled out its new feature i.e. WhatsApp Business API, small or large organizations are leaving no stone unturned to keep their customers glued to their products or services. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most used messaging

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API For Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector constantly strives to provide top-notch health care services and quality treatment to meet the need for wellbeing and save many lives. An increase in population every year undoubtedly led to the dire need for faster and better

Why Restaurants Must Adopt WhatsApp API As A Customer Support Channel

While people find it difficult and struggle to strike a balance between office and household chores, craving for food, and ordering food online is still in vogue. Giant delivery platforms such as Zomato and Swiggy have already tuned people to

WhatsApp Business App Vs WhatsApp Business API

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp has surely gained its name as the most used messaging app across the world. Be it staying in touch with family, friends, or shooting up sales for businesses, WhatsApp does an amazing job with

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