Why use WhatsApp for Business API?

WhatsApp is a messaging application for Smartphone created in 2009.What started as a communication tool for personal use has now become a necessity as there are about 2 billion whatsapp users around the globe and is the most preferred medium as its now integrated with voice and video along with text conversations. The Whatsapp Business API powers your communication with customers all over the world, so you can connect with them on Whatsapp in a simple, secure, and reliable way. The application is very beneficial for medium and large businesses.

What is the difference between WhatsApp business and Whatsapp business API?

WhatsApp business app can be used to interact with customers easily using tools to automate, prioritize and quickly respond to messages. The Application programming interface or API is a solution for mid to large scale business houses to integrate businesses and customer in an unified and easy app as today whatsapp has moved on from being a communication tool for personal messages to an official way of interaction between businesses and customers and both are happy using the same because of its easy to use functionality and rich features.

Twerlo Connect - An Introduction

Twerlo Connect builds and deploys real-life conversational experiences through chat bots and conversation AI and its platform which connects brands with its customers using a verified account and thus achieve last mile advantage and keep customers updated with the new offerings and from the brands point of view it can track the customer’s requirements resolve grievances. Twerlo connect provides business a solution which is in demand in the market as far as whatsapp business is concerned. The business houses has an advantage with Twerlo Connect with its impressive features and backed by a local support team which understands the language and is not a remote setup team like so many other global providers. The advantage of a local support is that you can map the business requirements in detail with a dedicated account manager who can support you onboard flawlessly.
Whatsapp for business case studies has identified that 80% of global customer engagement takes place via the WhatsApp Business app and 20% of customer communication via WhatsApp results in sales*

Whatsapp for business pricing with Twerlo Connect advantage lies in the finer details to provide its users with a flexible plan with competitive pricing provided with a unique number. It also guarantees delivery of messages and template are directly approved by Twerlo Connect in no time within the platform itself

Twerlo Connect Business API advantage

Twerlo connect provides businesses users option to onboard their own agents to effectively manage the customers journey through different points. Businesses can also add Bots which is an AI-powered chat bots which is an exclusive in house build system to answer customer queries in collaboration with the team. Another feature in the offering in the future is that Twerlo Connect can offer skilled demand force of chat agents for sales, conversion with pay per success model. Whatsapp business solutions by Twerlo Connect provides its clients a bouquet of services under its umbrella which can help increase customer service with real time conversation. An assured message notification increases user engagement and which can drive customer acquisition. A seamless integration resolves bottleneck between the businesses who are in the business of direct users have to adopt either Bots for automating the query handling process because a customer will not be able to wait a long time for an answer to this query. The challenge of providing a resolution in a short span of time is by providing an app which the users is already comfortable with and by utilizing whats app business which is already known to the users by using the personal version the adoption is faster and acceptance is more than 99% vis-a-vis using a new platform.  

The Twerlo Connect advantage also bundles in quick replies, chat filters and an amazing feature where the users can use the platform to do monetary transactions in real time using their favorite application – The WhatsApp. It also allows to set rules and automation so that specific messages reach out to agents who are subject matter expert in that particular query. Customer interactions are stored and can be easily retrieved for effective communications. This addresses the gap between customer request and probable solutions and also tracks if this is repeated query.

With a new platform, the businesses face lot of hurdles as they need to invest in T&D for users and agents too and investment is also risky as it can be rejected by the end users if they don’t find it useful. 

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